I ask only that you restore my husband 's faith in me


Dear Lord, I ask only that you restore my husband 's faith in me. He has accused me of being neglectful and not giving him the intimacy he needed. Now he has withdrawn from me and moved out of our room. He says he wants a divorce and will only focus on the relationship he has with our son. I love this man.


I have never strayed from our marriage. He says it is becoming harder and harder for him to stay faithful. He no longer wants to do anything that involves me and will not go to church with me. I am completely at a loss because he refuses to forgive me, or reconcile, or go to counseling. I love him. Please heal our marriage and help him see that we can overcome this.

We have survived so many things...I am full of remorse because he is my best friend. Please heal our marriage and keep our family together, in Jesus's name I pray. Amen

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