I come upon You to ask for help in restoring my marriage

by Novi
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Dear God,

I thank You for always being kind to me, eventhough i am not faithful to You. I come upon You to ask for help in restoring my marriage. My husband had been having an affair for 2 years and the affair resulted in pregnancy. And as much as the affair hurt me, now my husband is angry because i sent nasty email to the other woman out of my anger. Now he thinks i am crazy and sick for bursting my anger to her and wanting divorce.

I pray for his heart to come back to me, please help in softening his heart so he realizes his mistake and loves me again with his heart, body and soul. I pray for him not to be selfish and think about our daughter.

I also pray for myself, please give me peace, forgiving heart for both my husband, the other woman and the coming baby.

Thank you God, AMEN.

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