I don't care about life any more

by Monee
(Chicago il)

Dear God,


I feel like I can go on in this life all of mylife all I’ve known was pain and suffering; I taught myself how to pretend that I was happy when in reality I wasn’t and I don’t know what purpose I have here on this earth because everyone I ever loved either mistreated me or abused me. I admit I’m not the perfect princess by any means but I always gave my whole heart to people no matter how I was feeling. But guess what I always got the short end of the stick. I’m at a point in mylife that I don’t have any more hope, faith or belief I’m only existing not living it hurts me every morning to even wake up because I know there’s nothing in this life for me but heartache, pain and suffering I know that I have to exist because my kids are depending on me but other than that I am dead. I’ve prayed so hard and so many times but not be answered. I’m at the end of my rope only holding on by an non existing I feel like I can’t do this life thing anymore I’m so exhausted and tired.

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