I failed my self...I am down...

by Jude
(San jose California )

Dear god forgive me for my sins. and wrong doing...I have fallen into the Devils path..and lost everything to drugs and sin...i no you were there with me guiding me to the light..I felt ur holly presence. Forgive me dear lord.. help my broken heart ..and for those who's hearts I have broken along the way...I want to give up dear god ...take my soule Jesus into your heart


Heal me god..so I can support my family. Thank you soooo much oh heavenly father for my parents my mom. and your beloved .my gramma..for there prayers to put back into your arms ..hold me dear god..let hear beat against my face ..and lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil holly please help find a good job...I'm sorry I'm soooo sorry ..I love you soooo much. Tel me what to do. Tel where to go..please guide me....AMEN AMEN...

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