I need a miracle in my life

Lord,You know it all..the state of my heart and mind..and how I hoped against hope for this thing...and now I feel as if I am experiencing a nightmare and have gone into a deep hopeless depression.


Father, You now everything, forgive me for feeling hatred toward some-one who has delivered this last blow. Help me to overcome this,as on top of everything it was the last straw. I feel as if something so over my head is going on, i dont understand it,and I am being severly punished for something and I dont know what.I am asking for a miracle in this situation as my heart is so broken I can barely move on.Lord,hear my cry.

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i am lonely
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me. nobody wants to be associated with me. i have no friend. i live alone, far from my family because of school. i have nobody to talk to and i often feel like killing myself. all i want is a friend.tears have become a daily bread, i am tired of being alone

Frustuated in life having financial problems
by: Abhishek

Lord jesus, i am abhishek lohar from india , i am getting stressed of my problems please help me how to deal with and do miracles in my life ..fulfill my wish so i can be a better person and have a splendid life

Need a Miracle
by: Michael

I need approval to appeal a false court conviction i was set up my police officer...i have no money for a lawyer

Prayer 4 me miracle in my life
by: Mrs lareb raza

Daer God . I love you I need u plz come in my life . I need a miracle in my life . I give me happy life . I m Christian family . I want living in USA with family . Plz God miracle . In coming days . Where God . I know u always with me . But I need u God plz plz . AMEN

God please help immediately
by: Anonymous

My work visa has got denied and I'm in serious financial trouble.. Only if I get work vid I can live with my husband who is living in abroad..I want to take care of my family please God..we have never lived together since from our marriage pleas show ur blessings to get work visa in couple of months..I cannot explain in what situation I'm..I will lose my love if I continue to scary in my home country..if I travel to my husbands place without work my parents will suffer in financial issues..please help God..I donot know way to do..

Need a miracle
by: Anonymous

Lord God, I'm the name of your son, Jesus Christ I beg you to hear my prayer and grant me the miracle I pray for

I'm in state of severe depression w the darkest thoughts, I need to save my family from losing our home and am devastated, I made mistakes and didn't plan right and now it seems I'm paying the price,

Lord Jesus, I'm truly sorry for all my sins and am begging your forgiveness so that I may receive the miracle I'm asking for, and I promise never to be proud and self righteous again and to help others that feel like I feel

Lord Jesus, I can't make it without you and your father, I'm truly afraid and need your mercy and help, more for my family's sake than mine

Please give me another chance, your know what's in my mind and heart

Thank you lord Jesus Christ

I still have faith
by: Anonymous

Lord! So much has gone so wrong
Broken promises, lying tongues
I cannot nearly recognize my self
I destroyed the seed you planted in me
I'm forever miserable
I can't smile without being sad
I have ran out of joy
I have no friends but him
Nothing is working out
My own father calls me name
I have no use
I'm in debts
So young, yet I have seen so much
My heart is heavy,my eyes never stops crying
The love of my life, will do anything to keep me happy
I feel cursed,I sometimes wonder if you see
Help me Lord!!!
Help Jesus!!!
Restore to me the joy of your salvation
Uphold me by your generous spirit
Heal me and heal him too
Forgive us
And father provide for us
Annoit our head with all and our cups will over flow
I pray in Jesus name and believe that you have already answered my prayers
Thank you Jesus!!!

Paul's return to life on earth
by: Julie

Dear God in the name of Jesus and the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, I ask, I seek you Mercy, I knock at your heart , I will persevere until you can hear my cry to bring back to life on earth our Paul in body spirit and soul fully restored to the masterpiece you created for us,deep in my heart I know you will do it ,because you are my Father and you love me and you understand the love I have for my son Paul, he is our Pillar our center the peacekeeper of harmony in our family.
he is his brother's Michael who suffers from physical and emotional illness only friend and support.
Dear God have pity on us,show us your love , your power, your mercy
with all my love and trust waiting for Paul's return home with us his family today.
I am not afraid to face the consequences of Paul's return and tell the world of God's greatness

i need a miracle
by: rebecca

Please all who reads this agree in prayer with me for a miracle i have internal bleeding and have had 2 scopes doctor dont know where blood is coming from , please pray it stops i want to live

I need a miracle
by: Bernadette

Please I need a miracle. Please, please pray that Michael reaches out to Bernadette and their relationship can be reconciled. Please, please pray.

Miracle to Reunite with my family
by: Anonymous

I am forced to be away from my beloved wife and child for five years. It is very hard for me and my family to live separately. They need my help to be with them. This is man's law decision. But I believe God can revert it. I need God's miracle to break the door closed between me and my family.

So much pain
by: Anonymous

Dear Heavenly Father

I am in so much pain and depression right now and I have nothing to live for any longer. I just need peace and happiness in my life. Please help me find it and help me with all my stress and problems because right now the only thing I am feeling now is suicidal and I want you to save me. I just need to hear from you because I feel so lost and abandoned by everyone. I Have felt so much pain since I was a child and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. Please Heavenly Father hear my prayers

by: Anonymous

I want God's favor over my life and family.
In Jesus Name!
Thanking God for my blessing now!!! Hallelujah!!!

Paul's return to life
by: julie

Dear Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus and the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary,
I feel as I am experiencing a nightmare , I am asking for a miracle as my heart is so broken I can barely move,Lord hear my cry I am sorry for all my wrong, I feel heartbroken alone and forsaken I need this miracle today ,you see each tear that falls from my eyes let your strong hand open the ground and pick up my Paul from this pit bring him back to life in body spirit and soul fully restored to the beautiful human being you created for us,send your Holy Spirit to breath life back to Paul and send him home to his family on earth give him forty more years time to finish his life cycle and give us grand children
Only you can do that I believe in you, I trust you, I know how much you love your children on earth.
Please give us back our life reunite all our family in good health.
nothing is impossible to you.my Lord and I promise to serve you with my family our whole life/thank you God,please help me

No more depression
by: Sam

Dear god,
I want to live a happy life. I want to feel alive again. I want to learn to love again.
I want to be happy again.

For success in my Exam
by: Anonymous

Lord i beg for your help, hear my prayers, i am hopeless, answer my prayers. I have been in deep distress. I pray the minister respond favourably to my request to consider me for my exam so as to graduate this academic year 2016. Through the intercesion of your mother the virgin Mary, Joseph your father, St. Jude and St. Rita.

my son Paul
by: Ajulie

Dear God in the name of Jesus and the intercession of Mary our blessed Mother.my family needs a Miracle..

I beg you to send my son Paul back to life in body spirit and soul fully restored, for the survival of our Family, we are lost without him he is our pillar,our hope our future,he is the support and only friend to his brother Michael, My God I live with a knife in my heart ,its a nightmare that does not end I ask, I seek and I knock in your heart my God in the name of your beloved son to give us Paul back reunite our family, give us grand children and a long healthy life to all of us Sam.Michael,Paul,Blanca.

Jesus forgive our sins,, and look in the faith in our hearts , show us your love for us your children and give us back our life

those who really in need of miracle
by: Anderson

I am jobless for last 2 years was working for a cruise ship.now I am at home no job no money my younger brother is the only income now for my family.I feel i am broken but still I want to thank you god for giving me food. I need miracle but also I want you to help those who is in need more then me.I can wait and I love you as you love me more then I love you.

by: JUlie

Dear Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, and St Padre Pio since its your feast today and all the Angels and Saints that I know want to help me because they can see how much my family and I are suffering
Take my request to God , my heart is bleeding, I need this miracle now today please .

Please give us back our son Paul in body spirit and soul fully restored the masterpiece of a human being that you created for us. have mercy on us please.

My dear God I know you can do miracles in the name of Jesus, I trust you ,please restore my Paul and send him back to his family on earth for forty more years to finish his life cycle give us a family and continue to do the work of God,

hlp mi
by: reema

I need a miracle in my life i m inngreat trouble god ..pls release mi..please take away the present problm in my life ..god u knw everthng about mi..i want peace..please hlp mi..to restre my peace..remove mty mental pain

Need a miracle
by: Anonymous

I am jobless. my husband is divorcing me. my health is deteriorating. I am in depression. my family members are crying for me. Oh lord have mercy on me. do a miracle and save me.

I need a miraculous total turnaround
by: Christopher O

Heavenly father i thank you for my life.I thank you for always been faithful to me even when am not faithful.Lord,I know I brought all this that is happening upon myself,I knew quite alright that all I was doing then will have repercussions but couldn't stop because I was consumed in the spirit of addiction but one thing am happy of is you are God of many chances.Father have mercy on me and show me your kindness,let my destiny be restored.Show me the purpose of my existence in life,let me know what am been created for.I pray to have an ecounter with you.Choose the right partner for me and cause me to affect my generation positively in the mighty name of Jesus(Amen)

Necesito un milagro
by: Anonymous

Dios Santo, gracias por todas tus bendiciones. Por mi familia, mis amigos, mi trabajo. Desde el fondo de mi corazón, te lo ruego...Tu sabes exactamente lo que necesito para ser feliz. Entra en el corazón de mi ex para que se ponga en contacto conmigo, para que me valore, para que me invite a salir, para que me diga que me ama, y para que podamos regresar pronto a una relación y llenarla de amor y aceptación...para llenarla de ti. No me gusta esta soledad...no me gusta estar sola. Por favor, te lo ruego de rodillas... no te tardes.Yo tuve que esperar mucho tiempo antes de enamorarme de él y sabes lo que sufrí. No quiero estar ese tiempo asi...por favor...no permitas que vuelva a suceder...ni un año. Se me dificulta mucho conocer...enamorarme....Por favor, no dejes que se desenamore de mi...guialo...entra en su corazón...llenalo de bondad y perdón...quitale las malas influencias que tiene en su vida. Por favor...ayudame...Tu sabes que lo amo....

Please bring my husband backm
by: Anonymous

My husband as left me after 35 years am devastated he's now leaving everything and moving away a jst want him bk home am praying for a mirical thank u so much

by: Anonymous

I am undergoing tremendous bad luck failure. financial debts all sorts of miserable things and lot of negativity has filled in me. need to remove all the fears. need protections and all those who are doing this to me should be discouraged from doing those things against me. give them good thoughts and relieve them from doing any bad doings to me and my daughter. I have made tremendous mistakes for my greed but I have realised my m my mistakes

My Heavenly Father
by: Anonymous

Father God,i lift my eyes unto you my Lord, for my help comes from you. i pray for your forgiveness, i know that i brought this predicament by myself, how can i forgive myself if you cant forgive me.i am now turning 37 years and in need of a child. i know i don't deserve to be a mother because of what i did, but Father God i know that you are a GOD of many chances. Please i ask for this one last chance to become a mother before i leave this earth.Help me to overcome this shame i have brought to myself. i am also loosing my spiritual being , my soul is thirsty, i have tried everything, i drank all sorts of fertility drugs and herbs. i even did an ovarian cysts operation, but i have not been able to conceive, Pastors have prayed for me. but nothing as yet has happened. i only had a miscarriage in 2012. but after that i have not been able to conceive again, please my LORD search my heart, Please GOD i am loosing my mind and l need your super natural miracle. Let your mercy, favor and love speak for me, locate my situation, and i pray in the wonderful name of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ of Nazaretha. AMEN

in Jesus name please forgive me
by: christopher

I know Im not perfect,yes,I commited many sins in my life.all I want is to have a blessed life with happiness,good health andhave plenty of money to have a better life for myself and my two daughters.

Paul sakal
by: julie

Dear God, in the name of Jesus and the help of Mary our Blessed Mother and all the Saints that can help me .
I am sorry for all I did wrong , and forgive my son's Paul mistakes
I feel i am experiencing a nightmare and have gone into a deep
depression, I am asking for a miracle in this situation as my heart is so broken I can barely move on. Lord hear my cry, I need a miracle today,I feel forsaken and alone ,you see each tear that falls from my eyes ,you know i have no hope but in you i look up to//. LET YOUR STRONG HAND PICK UP PAUL FROM THIS PIT BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE IN BODY SPIRIT AND SOUL FULLY RESTORED.TO THE BEAUTIFUL PERSON HE IS INSIDE AND OUT//
I believe this one is more than I can bear./I FALL FACE DOWN IN PAIN AND DEPRESSION I HOLD YOUR FEET LORD//
please guide Paul to his home tonight with his family

God please I am sorry, I need a miracle
by: Anonymous

OH dear God,
I am sorry for all my wrong. I don't know how I got here Lord. Please come and save me from this pit. I feel heartbroken, alone and forsaken. I have lost all and in dear need with my three kids.
How can I live without you lord. I am lonely with no own to hold as mine, no one to trust. I need you.Please I need you. You know what I have been through, you see each tear that falls from my eyes, you know that I have no hope but in you I look up to.
Dear God, I believe this one is more than I can bear. I fall face down in pain and depression. I hold your feet Lord. Please do not forsake me, do not look upon my sins for I am sorry. Help God. That is what I need. Let your strong hand pick me up from this pit. I need a miracle in my life. I have no one else to turn to. I have only you. Send me a shoulder I can lean on, send me food from your table to feed my kids, send me a job. I need you to please place my feet on you my rock so I can stand and not fall again.
I need a miracle today.

Your daughter,

please have mercy
by: BPR

Dear Lord Jesus,
I am running out of hope and faith. My situation in life is gonna break me completely. I need your love Father today. I need a miracle from you. I need you to show me your purpose. Please forgive me for all my sins, all the hate i feel towards people. Lord, please transform me but please let your grace carry me tp exactly where you want me to be. Pleasr send me signs that you are here Father and that you have not forsaken me. I am nobody Jesus but i beg you Jesus you came to die for me and for that reason i beg you to please let the power of your ressurection transform me. I need you morr than ever today. Please Jesus. Please Jesus, give me hope! Carry me at this point or i will fall. Give me apow job i would love, one which provides me everything i need. One from your grace. Let your grace shower upon me as i Glorify Your name. Help me Jesus. I thank you for hearing me tonight. I pray in Jesus's name, the most powerful name in the Universe. Amen.

I need a miracle
by: Sin

Dear God,

I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know why I'm asking for a favour on the internet. I really have no idea what's going on but I have no one really to speak to. When I do, they just tell me what to do and I don't exactly like that... I see people on the streets and they seem like everything is going great for them. Every time I watch the news it's always bad news. When I watch movies, it starts off bad but ends up good. Why do people always put on the fake look?
I'm 20 years old, I'm just 20... And If I do live the average life span then I'll be dead in around 60 years time. I just need a change, I need to become stronger in life so I can help my mum, speak up to people, stick up for myself and just do the right thing. Confidence isn't my strong point as you probably know...

I just need a miracle... Please

I need a miracle
by: Anonymous

Dear God,
I think I need help. Something's not quite right in my life right now and I wish I can figure it out, but I don't even know where to start. Everything should be perfect, I should feel loved, I should feel in the right place, doing the right things. But I can't feel anything at all. I'm just living day by day, not thinking, watching my own life pass me by. Why can't I take any action, any first step that would lead me to who I want to be, and feel the love that people give me. How comes I'm feeling so hopeless when life gave me everything? I know I've asked you for so much all these years, and you never kept anything good from me, you gave me all I needed. But I really do need another miracle. My only wish is to finally belong with myself, I want to be me, I want to do the things I love and achieve my goals without anything inside myself keeping back. Please help me. I need a miracle right now.

Only U can do.
by: Anonymous

My Dear heavenly Father and my blessed virgin mother. I know I am your child you have created me for a purpose. I love U and thank U so much for what U have given to me in this world. U gave me good parents, nourished me, educated me and gave me good life partner every second in my life I should say thanks to U for all that U have given to me. But still my life was meaningless without children and job. Me and my husband were waiting for four years for that miracle to be happened my Lord please given me children and make us mother and father (parents). We will be a good parents to our children and make them Ur instruments. No one in this world can do this miracle to us except U my Lord. Please my heavenly Father make us a complete family as you where in this world like holy family Mother Mary, Father Joseph and U my Jesus.
My heavenly Father give me a suitable Job, so that I can help my family and others who are in need. Please give me a good health to continue my job and also to do all my day to day activities.

by: I know God knows

i am slowly sinking into depression ..i cry every night and i am waiting for a miracle i listen to Third day's I need a miracle every night. I was an inch away from travelling abroad and my current fees is just too much am just stressed out LORD I NEED A BREAKTHROUGH TONIGHT. PLEASE IF YOU CAN HEAR ME HELP ME OUT I THINK ITS BECOMING TO HARD FOR ME TO HANDLE!!!!! PLEASE I NEED THAT VISA.

I need a Miracle today
by: Anonymous

My God today is the last day I need a miracle.my house is mortgaged .I have to pay some loansloans taken from people .they all have given me today to repay .if not I will loose everything and we all will come on the streets( me & my three children) please help me financially today

i need a miracle.
by: Anonymous

So I have a lot going on in my life. I been with this guy for about 5 years. I love him , and I pray for are love to never end. But the problem is that he cheats on me and lies about everything . he spend his weekends drinking with friends and always making plans for trips. I'm never invited and when he does go he turns off his phone and ignores me . he tells me he lies to me cuz he care and doesn't want to hurt me. Idk what to do. When I do catch him looking at girls pic and saving them or giving out his number to orher girls. He gets mad at me n calls me names. Makes me feel bad about my self. God please. I want him to change for the better not just for me . but for him self. I love him and want him to stop.

by: Anonymous

Please God, I have felt serious sadness for the past six months already. I keep on feeling like I need to cry all the time and I hate having to live like this any longer. I need your help God. And i'm sorry and ask for your forgiveness for anything wrongdoings I may have done. Please God, grant me a miracle please. I need help right now.

Thank you,

by: Anonymous

Please God, I have felt serious sadness for the past six months already. I keep on feeling like I need to cry all the time and I hate having to live like this any longer. I need your help God. And i'm sorry and ask for your forgiveness for anything wrongdoings I may have done. Please God, grant me a miracle please. I need help right now.

Thank you,

forgive me
by: Reuben

Lord Forgive me for all the sins I have done. You gave me success but I was blinded , had no value for all of it , did all the wrong things , Now I am in debt & lonely with me even my family is suffering . I just need one last chance , promise I wont mess it up . will lead a proper life and will be there for everyone .

As u have helped me before answered prayers before , did miracles and saved my life before . I need one last miracle too now lord. get me back my old life , my job , my blessing , wishes and respect from my family , the smiles and joy of my kids .. I need a debt & sickness free life .. lord help me please answer my prayer .

I feel very sad to know even my parents curse me and are happy to know about my condition ........ lord its only you whom I can share ..... please be with me ............ help me ... need a miracle........

Prayer for a Miracle
by: Anonymous

I know you are an all knowing and loving God. I ask you for a miracle Ooooh lord. I have reached a point in my life where all the odds seems to be against me. I ask you to intervene and look forward to have a break through in my immigration matter.
Please forgive me for all the wrong I have done. I cry and my heart is broken. I know your plan is always different from ours. I look forward to receiving a break through.


I believe in miracles
by: dawn

lord I come to you in prayer please work a miracle in my life. Help me to get out of all the destruction that has come about in the last several years. My financesare so bad. I need deliverance from all this debt. My relationship is in such turmoil. Please dear God I know that you have a plan for my life and I know that you will help me through all the struggles that I'm going through. Please I need help. I want to live for you and complete your will for my life. I know that if I come to you and ask in your name you will deliver me. Please work your miracles now.

Help Me God
by: Anonymous

Father, please.. Im asking for a miracle. You know everything, where my mind, heart, and soul is. Please forgive me Lord. Im trying to forgive myself for the mistake and Lord im punishing myself mentally for what I have done but please lord. Its in your hands, im asking for a favor a miracle even if I get no more miracles or blessings please father im asking for this one supernatural miracle, blessing, favor. I made a mistake and I want to move forward. Calculating everything kinda helps but I need your blessing father I wont do it again I have completely shut that side off. Avery is the father. Please father, I pray amen.

Need a Miracle Right Now
by: Anandita

Dear Lord,

I have fighting myself in regard to all my financial debts, the bankers & debtors trouble me & my family too much. I have to give house rent, electricity & water bill along with my credit card bills. I am too depressed today feel that I have lost hope of life today, I am sinking feel that I have no one to look after. You have been too kind all these these to bring me here from the way of past to Present. I thank you Jesus. Please send Your Angels to help. Please do a Miracle now in my life that I finish all my debts at the earliest. I am ready to give but waiting to get from You. Please Lord hear my prayer. You said nothing is impossible for you, please do a Miracle for me now please please. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen, Amen & Amen

Your Loving Daughter
Anandita Roy

i ned a miracle
by: jose

Der god i ned a miracle in my life i know u can help me please god

by: Hannah

Lord, you are wonderful and great. Nothing is too difficult for you. Please see my husbands heart and see his faith, he needs his mind to heal so he can do your will. All glory goes back you, Heavenly father, praise be to you. I know that you can and will heal him and restore his mind In Jesus name, Amen.

I need a miracle
by: Olivia

Dear lord,
The almighty creator of this world. I pray to you to make one miracle in my life. I have been struggling to come out of debts since a very long time. I have no evil thoughts,,, people have even cheated me several times, but I cry to thee, plz help me to come out of this mess. I need this miracle to happen.

I Need a miracle job
by: Chinedu George Agokei

I am in need of a miracle. Just right after my graduation from the university in 2010 and NYSC in 2012, I have been in search of a job. Its so frustrating here in Nigeria that I do not even have money to feed or transport myself. Please pray for me so I can get a miracle good job. Thank you and GOD bless.

by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,
I need your help, my mother is gone to you, my father is old but with a lot of streanght to fight , but the business that he had with my brother gone wrong. I dont know what to do. I need you to help me because i can't work, i have several problems with spina bífida and i do hemodialsys. Please Lord send me some Money to pay our debts that we have because of the business.

31 year old daughter in addictions
by: Anonymous

I have a lovely daughter. She took the road to addiction-drinking alchol with pills etc. We have a love/hate relationship. She won't listen to me or let me help her. She has 3 beautiful children she lost custody of. Two only visitations. The other is in the care of Child Protective Custody. That still did not wake her up. She has lost job after job. I tried to have her live with me, but she somehow gets ahold of liquor and pills , fights with me, causes scenes in the apartment complex where I live. I have received 2 warnings, one more I am evicted. She is now in jail for assaulting me, and breaking her probation. She wants to live with me when she gets out! I am torn! I know what will happen, the same as before. She does not believe she has an addiction. PLEASE! My Daughter needs a miracle in her life!

Family Upheavals
by: Anonymous

I feel I am in a terrible nightmare. I told my mother something I thought I would never ever tell her. She wanted to know why I acted bad while I was growing up, and it seemed to be a constant question from her each time I'd visit. So i Finally told her I was sexually molested by my father. (who has been deceased for 5 years). I thought she would then understand me more, but that was not the case. I am 58 years old! Instead my mother has turned her back on me, and the rest of the family wants nothing to do with me and say I disgust them. I am brokenhearted,depressed and wish God would just take me home because it hurts so bad. I need a miracle with this. God can do all things and I don't want to live with this burden for the rest of my life.

restore of my relationship
by: Anonymous

i ask for comfort lord. i am hurting so badly. please lord restore my relationship with emmy. fill his heart with love. let he remember the good times. wipe out the rage and anger towards mi. let him communicate and we sort our issues out, this is killing me. i miss and love him so much. lord please restore this relationship. am loosing hope and faith.
what should i do

Have Faith
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry you are going through this pain. Believe me, i know as i feel so much pain in my heart too and its unbearable. I feel like there's no more hope for me but i remain not to give up. I continue to pray and ask God to come into my life and be with me especially in time of need.

My prayers and thoughts are with you. Please try to focus on any little happy things you can. God loves you and he is with you right now.


Financial needs
by: Maria R

Dear Lord, please my daughter and myself, we are in need of money to relocate we also need a car, give us the strength to hold on. I know you will help us, you always do, it's just that sometimes we get unpatient, please forgive us, please help my other dauther venessa to find a job and please guide my son Emanuel in his moving to new place with his family..I thank you always...

Financial needs
by: Maria R

Dear Lord, please my daughter and myself, we are in need of money to relocate we also need a car, give us the strength to hold on. I know you will help us, you always do, it's just that sometimes we get unpatient, please forgive us, please help my other dauther venessa to find a job and please guide my son Emanuel in his moving to new place with his family..I thank you always...

Job issues (software oracle dba job)
by: shankar Jl

I am shankar from india,

I really need a miracle in my life right now, the kind of miracle that will software Oracle DBA job in peace. I need a miracle that will surround and go before me to conquer the legal the upcoming legal issues ahead and that god grant me mercy favor,patience,strength battele that is ahead of me .I can not do this alone,God has to do this for me,I don’t have the words to speak to these people but god does, I need a miracle right not.please pray in agreement for wisdom in my hour of need. In Jesus name and i do pled the blood overall of it.

Job issues (software oracle dba job)
by: shankar Jl

I am shankar from india,

I really need a miracle in my life right now, the kind of miracle that will software Oracle DBA job in peace. I need a miracle that will surround and go before me to conquer the legal the upcoming legal issues ahead and that god grant me mercy favor,patience,strength battele that is ahead of me .I can not do this alone,God has to do this for me,I don’t have the words to speak to these people but god does, I need a miracle right not.please pray in agreement for wisdom in my hour of need. In Jesus name and i do pled the blood overall of it.

by: CARY




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