I Need healing power from You God

by Karen
(Houston, tx. USA)

I desperately want God to heal me. I am asking Him for good stomach, digestive and bowel healing and also for my nerves and mental health. I pray he will heal the source of all of these health problems. He is so powerful and can heal me in a heartbeat. I pray constantly about these problems and still have them. I speak the word and pray the word and the symptoms havent left me. I am weary, ready to just give up. I feel like I just exist and dont live life to the fullest because I never know when it will hit me. This has caused me fear and dread of what each day may bring. I want to be healed 100%. I know He can, I believe he can and I pray I begin to feel the effects of His healing and know its all behind me. In Jesus Name, the Name above all names

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