I need love in my life

First of all, I need to be healthy. I need my eyes to be well again. I need them to be moist, no more artificial tears.

I need to be loved, I need that love to be unconditional and I need it to be romantic love, not only friendship.

I need to have family. I long for child and for happy home. I cannot live with selfish person; I cannot be involved with ones that are interested in me only if that suits their lifestyle.
I need to have enough material things to live my life as human being; I do not want to have more than is necessary for normal productive life. I want to be able to give a way something to the causes I am interested in.

I want to be in supportive environment booth in private life and at work. I would like to be able to work more productively and to have fewer mistakes. I would like that my colleagues and superiors are supportive to me.
In a nutshell, I want to be loved and appreciated, I want to give and to be given, I want to be surrounded with colleagues, family and friends that care, and that I care for, and above all I want to be healthy.

What I can offer is love and friendship, help and understanding. I am going to be better person, in every possible way and I will never stop trying to achieve more in every aspect of the life.

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