I need strength and courage

Dear Lord,

I'm going thru a horrible time in my marriage. In fact, I know now we have reached the end. I have tried to be a better wife and person and for some reason the harder I try the worse it gets. Please forgive me for not always being the best I can be but I need you now to help me to find my way back out of this whole. I need to be strong for my kids. I need to believe that I can survive on my own. Please help me find the right path to a better life. I want to live it out to the fullest and be the best person I can be. I want to help others in need as well once I have stronger and back on my feet. Please please dear Lord, keep my children safe and somehow help carry them through this and learn from this as well. I don't want their lives to be shattered because of my our relationship. In the end, I pray for safety and good health for my children and myself. I pray to find happiness and love again sometime and hope and pray that I can truly find true love to spend the rest of my life with! In Jesus' name......Amen

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