I need ur strength to help me get through this rough patch in my life

Please Lord, I need ur strength to help

me get through this rough patch in my life. With just recently being divorced. I feel like I’m losing my mind at times. I don’t feel like I’m the mother I used to be and it kills me. Alls I want to do is sleep. My relationship with my boyfriend is on edge. As much as I love and adore him I’m just not sure he’s good for me! I just can’t handle his drama any longer. But I don’t know how to let him go. I’m financially strapped n can’t seem to get a grip on my life. It’s just overwhelming. I just want to be happy and to be a good mom. I’m so scared my kids are going to look back n see what a mess I am n it will in some way ruin their life. I need ur guidance. I have no one to talk to I’ve pushed all my friends away. I feel so lost and alone. Please God. Help me!

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