I need your help Jesus

by Catherine

Dear Jesus


Please help me.My husband is going to court tomorrow and we need to know that you have forgiven him for the mistake he made. He has learned and been punched for this. I hope the Judge is willing to give him a break and let him know that he understands that this was a mistake he made. I also need the strength to accept the Judges response.
Also I need to know why everyone at my job is making my life so miserable. I can't take anymore. Please answers these prayers for me. Also please let my husband find a job were are going to loose everything if he don't find one. We will be out on the street and I can't loose my animals they mean so much to me.

Please Jesus hear my prayer and answer them. I have been praying to you Virgin Mary,St. Joesph, St Anthony and St Jude and I feel nobody is hearing my prayers.

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financial crisis
by: Anonymous

my husband is jobless for 3 years, he is suffering from fits, conversion, he never had this but just 1 year passed this started, i have three kids all r studying but i can't pay the fees because i have a loan of 10 lacs, my husband drinks liquor alot due to tension please help me jesus i need you very badly,

I need prayer for finances
by: Anonymous

I need the Lord to help me financially. I recently bought a coop then lost my job. I don't want to lose the coop as I feel the Lord blessed me with it. But in the past several months I've had to increase my credit card debt from zero balance to about to over $20,000 to pay my mortgage and provide minimal basic necessities of food and electricity and phone for myself. I have a boyfriend who is not a Christian. I want out of the relationship but I need to stay in it hoping he will help me because there's no one else that I can ask for help. I don't know if he will help me and for how long but he is the only possible person I have to possibly help. I'm at my wits end and pretty scared, therefore I'm not being a good witness. I don't know what to do

same as you
by: Anonymous

sometimes we think like the lord does not here us, but he does, im going through the same situation in my life. i pray everyday also.i'm scared for my family losing all. My wife keep's on saying to surender all to the lord.Sometimes i find it easy to follow and other times i dont.
I'm saying to myself it's easy to say with the mouth.(words). I guess what im trying to say is your not alone and that there are other people in the same situation as you and yours.
i pray that the lord here your prayers and mine.

finance and love
by: brenda chetty

I need prayer for finances,healing and marriage

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