I need your help, Lord. I've struggled my whole life with weight. I hate the way I feel when I'm overweight. I can't sleep well, I can't move well,I look horrible in and out of my clothes. I'm so ashamed of how I allowed this.Do you remember that time when I weighed 210 pounds and I found a 45 day challenge, it was God based?


I dedicated 45 days to the challenge and it changed the way I look at weight gain and loss. It made me see myself. I only lost 1 pound in that 45 days but I learned so much. It had a lasting impact on my life. I had never thought to ask my God to help me. I didn't even care that I had lost only 1 pound because I had gained so much knowledge throughout the experience. Today, I'm not 210 pounds. I was able to get down to a comfortable and nice 162 pounds. I look proportioned and my clothes hang nicely on me. I don't have to keep tugging and pulling down shirts or adjusting pants around my waist. At least I didn't have to... now, I have gained 20 pounds :

I'm not back to the 210 pounds, but now, at 182 pounds, I'm on my way to uncomfortable. It's getting hard to hide the extra pounds under my clothes. I have got to take control. I have got to get back on track and do this God's way. I started to derail, to slack and I'm sorry, Lord. I need your help. Please hear my prayer and guide me. I am a strong person, but I am bad about slowly easing back into bad ways with the,"Oh, this little bit won't hurt, I'll just go on a diet Monday," attitude. I need you, Jesus and I won't be comfortable in my own skin until I follow you. I need you.
Please hear my prayer and give me guidance and comfort.I love, love, love you.

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Feb 12, 2016
United in prayer
by: Lee

I know the struggle. I am glad u posted this, now I know I am not alone. There is strength in prayer especially together. AMEN.

Feb 08, 2016
I'm praying for you!
by: Denise

I know your struggle. I am goi g through the same thing with about the same amount of weight loss needed.
You just keep at it.

I'm praying for you!!

Feb 06, 2016
by: Tampa florida

Good morninig I know your pain
I am doing a "food" diet
Not counting calories just eating food
Eggs chicken fish 100% whole wheat fruit etc
Do not buy anything that has more than five
Ingredients or has items you have not heard
Of their is a tv program maybe on pbs
Called the history of food 2 hrs long
I believe that is the name
Very eye opening
My prayers are with you

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