I need your prayers for my healing!

by Sarah

Starting just after this new year, my life changed as I knew it. I started not being able to have regular bowel movements. I would go a week without going to the bathroom. It started taking a toll on me, my social life and my work life. It was really bringing me down and I've never really been as low in my life as I am to this day. I went to my family doctor and she didn't think it was anything serious. She gave me a laxative. It helped but its not a cure. My symptoms got worse. I got bloated everyday, to the point where I didn't even want to leave the house. I'd wake up with stomach pains and they would stay all day. For the past months since I was diagnosed with IBS, I've been to health food stores, medic enters and pharmacies trying to diagnose myself and find a solution. I have still yet to find something that will help and heal me. I pray every single night to God for healing. For years, I have been really into fitness and health. IBS takes away the motivation I have to do what I love to do, and even though I am as healthy as I can be, and I work so hard on my body, nothing shows because my symptoms overrun my efforts. Its so depressing, sometimes I feel like giving up. Just recently, my tonsils also got worse. I get pain in my tonsils daily, ear aches, tonsil stones which are disgusting. I can't handle one more thing. I am just asking for your prayers on me, thats all I need and want. Thankyou and God bless!

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