I pray and seek for blessings, prosperity, deliverance and Success in my life and that of my love ones and enemies i still wish them well

by Francisco .F.M
(Spain, Zaragoza )

Father Lord God.πŸ™ I pray that you see me through my sufferings and sweats... i pray for success to begin to flow in my life right now and in the life of my family and love ones. I pray for peace unity and togetherness... i pray you deliver me and break that yoke or covenant where the evil ones might have hidden my name blood or whatever for me not to shine or make it in life. I pray for protection and deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus Christ...Amen. Father Lord i pray against bad spiritual attacks especially the one my love one micaela Andeme obama is having right now from her family people. ... i pray and seek of you the fire of The almighty to burn them down.... i pray you protect her and deliver her for i believe distance is not a barrier... father lord hear my cry and deliver me from hardship and set me and my brothers free from the evil ones Amen πŸ™ Thank you Jesus Cos i Know You will do it for me... Thank you Lord. In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray AmenπŸ™

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