I pray for God to protect my company and help me

by Maria

God i am sorry if i have sinned. Please help me at this stage when i am working day and night to grow my new business set up after a failure of previous joint venture.


May my suppliers, customers, government agencies all help me during this very difficult period of my life. I do not have a single friend currently that i can trust and talk to you. Only you seems to be my friend but so far i couldnt see you clearly but i always felt your presence.

Hold me during this difficult period, this suffering time to hold my hand. Hope you will speak to me soon, hope i can see you soon. This world is not where i belong. Take me soon if possible.

I want to experience peace and happiness and that peace and happiness i want to share with my genuine friends and true loved ones, one day. Love you God / Jesus and invite holy period to come to me soon.

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