I pray for guidance the best way to pay our debts.

by jame

Lord, Thank you for providing our needs. You have done so many good things to us and yet I was not able to show my love to you. I have no self-control in money and follow my own righteousness that lead me now into financial troubles.


I sincerely sorry for all my wrong doings and hidden sins that it seems I can no longer carry it without asking your divine help. I come before you as a repentance sinners. Please forgive me and I ask your help to settle our Bank loan sooner and to save our property for foreclosure, Please give the strength to cope all the burdens I am facing now my worries and fears for all my past mistakes that made my life into a mess. Help me in my journey to be closer to you and ask for the gift of righteousness. Heal me and my family spiritually,physically and emotionally. In Jesus name hear me. Amen

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