I pray for happy loving family

by Stephanie

Dear God, I pray for my family. I pray that my husband has a loving heart towards my children and me. I also pray that my husband respect me more, especially when he talks to me in front of his family members. My mother and sister in law doesn't like their sons/ brothers being too close to their wives. They think daughter in laws are outsiders. I can obviously feel that my husband being rude and disrespectful towards me whenever he is with them. I am a homemaker taking care of two young children. My mother in law did not allow my husband to spend money on me including food whenever we went out. She thinks that I spend her sons's money. She told me the money her son earns can only use within the siblings but not for the wives. I pray that my mother and sister in law will change their thinking. I also pray that my husband really loves me not because he can make use of me. I pray that my husband treats me as a wife who he really love but no a lady who can give birth to his kids. I pray that I have a peaceful mind to take care of my young children. All I want is a happy loving family, love and care for each other but not how to make use of others. I pray for a happy and loving family so that my children can feel the love and happiness in the family.

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