i pray for healing and health for me and my unborn baby

by Pearl
(South Africa)

I am 5months pregnant. I am a born again Christian that recently got married. My marriage has not turned out to be and really has been hard for me and am aware I can't just get a divorce. Most of the time Things have been bad and I would turn to alcohol. Now I feel Like fistly I am becoming an alcoholic and secondly my babies health is really compromised.I speak in tougues to my Lord and he has reassured me that I will give birth to a beautiful healthy king, He also said I need to stop drinking for my sake as the baby is in His devine protection. But I drank today quite a bit and I'm overcome with shame and guilt and most of all fear for my baby. I trust in my God and never want to dissapoint Him and my baby again. Pleaser assist me it this prayer

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