I pray for your help as well for others in need in hard times

I ask you Lord at this time to help my family and for others in need at this time to bless us with good health & financial needs i ask u loving God to touch us with your hands and bless us loving God my one and one only God... Forgive us of r sins i ask u Loard to walk beside us and keep us on the right path.


I pray & ask for financial help and to lift the stress from my body please Loard my loving God i pray to u .....i need to find place here on earth and b a better person.i ask u Loard to put your hand on me and help me find a good job. At this time in my life iam stressed out of my mind i have stopped foolish selfish things i was doing to show u my God iam ready for change..

I want u Loard in my life that's my new life with u God i my heart and to make others follow..... AMEN

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