I pray that I don't get arrested or go to jail for this issue I am facing

by Gregory
(Radcliff ky )

Dear god I'm so scared that I will go to jail or be arrested for something that I did not do. I am being accused of rape by a man that was a friend saying that I forced myself onto him. I know that people say that being gay is a sin and I don't know if you love me or not for this but I can say that I'm not a rapist. I had been raped a few years back and you helped me through but this time I'm facing jail time and loss of my job my family my good name. Dear god I don't know what to do. I swear I'm not guilty I don't know why he is doing this to me. I haven't been able to sleep or eat or be calm I'm in constant fear and I've even have had thoughts of suicide. I beg of you God please help me

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