I want peace with my grown up children and their father

by Anon

Dear Heavenly Father,

I had a good life; nice home fun job great kids, great neighbours, holidays. Then my life changed when i met a new friend. My marriage at the time was crumbling a bit and i had enough of being hurt amongst the good of life. Now; i left; remarried had a baby and all that looked even better is not! Ive been struggling for 4 years now dear God and i have dark thoughts from being alone and crying, and having to deal with everything while hubby away working for weeks on end! Father; you know the tears i have shed you know my heart is hurting to return home to my family and friends where i belong. Dear Lord i pray and ask through Jesus name that you will change my life back. I have learnt lessons on this new path that is not mine to walk on and im tired of trying to rely on others and im all alone with a toddler that constantly cries - tantrums- i cannot do this anymore! Im weary, im worn out!! I want peace with my grown up children and their father; i pray to move back home where i have support of my parents -family & friends! Hear me now dear Lord Jesus so i can bring you the glory and tell everyone how you have answered my prayer! In Jesus name i thank you and ask this. Amen.

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