I want to be HIV negative. Heal me Lord

by Wilheminah
(Pretoria, South Africa)

Please pray that I get cured of my HIV status. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2004 and only me and my boyfriend know about it. My boyfriend is HIV negative and all my previous boyfriends are also negative.


I have been living a healthy and stress free life and no medication as yet. I have been praying that each time I go for my test that they come back negative. I live and walk by faith but I have fear.....Me and my boyfrend are having problems currently and I sometimes feel that I cannot leave him because he is the only one who knows about my status. I fear that when I get a boyfriend I will have to tell him about my status and I fear of being rejected. The Lord has been on my side but I realy beg of him to cure me so that next year when I go for my test they come back negative. Please pray for me.....pray that I stregthen my faith for only it can heal me. Thank you in advance

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