I'm asking for prayers that I be granted this job

by Jeania Pruehs
(Eufauala, AL USA)

I will be applying for position at a company that I had worked for previously. The position I am applying for I had worked in the company for three and a half years in this position.at the time I left the company it was to start my own business,I left on good terms.


The position itself has come open 3 times since I have left 2 out of those three times I applied for the job. The first time I didn't even get an interview. the second time I was hired in the position as a temporary and I applied for the full time position I work there three months I was one applicant out of 98 that had applied. I was one of four in the Final Four decision.

But they decided to hire somebody that was not in the 98 because she was a veteran. This lady has been promoted and now the position is open again and I am going to Apply again. I have the experience I know the job I know the people and I have no doubt that this job is mine now.

So I'm asking for prayersthat I be granted this job I'm not a quitter I keep coming back and I keep trying.so if you will pray with me on this the job. the job position that I am applying for is mail center clerk at American buildings company those are the specific. thank you for taking the time to pray and be blessed

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