I'm asking you to PLEASE, go to Our Father and plead my case

by EOA

Please pray for us. I am a mother of 2 children who lost our home to foreclosure, and now we have less than 1 wk to vacate the property or face the Sheriff to force us out. We're scared and have no place yet. God, I need a miracle today!


Oh Lord, Jesus, you have helped me in the past when I called out to you. I'm asking you to PLEASE, go to Our Father and plead my case, for I am falling apart and don't know when and where I will land.

Our home has been foreclosed on and we have to vacate our home of 15 years that we've work so hard to build. We have 2 small children whose lives will be disrupted and destroyed because of our financial mistake. God, please, help me, for I'm asking you for a financial MIRACLE to help us buy our home back or be able to find another place to live. Give us a chance to make it better for our kids.

I promise, I will be a lot more careful with running our finances. Please, God, I am begging you for help. Through Jesus, Your Son. Amen!

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