In dire need of a miracle!

by Alfredo

Please pray for me and my family, I am behind on my bills and rent, and am about to be laid off at the end of August. I put alot of pressure on my wife to help me out, but instead I get angry at her because of our situation and our oldest sees that. I'm angry at myself for putting my family in this position and now I have no idea on what to do. I know God has a plan for all of us and I hope that my family will be safe. Thank you for listening.

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Trust in Jesus
by: Anonymous

We come together with 2 or more in "Jesus name" that you bless ur children, you know our needs. Thank you Lord.

by: Vidya

I feel your pain brother, keeping you and your family in our prayers, Keep strong.. Our Lord will not let you down

by: Anonymous

My husband and I were moved by your prayer.
We are praying that the Lord will help you in your situation.
When we find our self in hard times we use a service called…hope you find it helpful.
God bless you.

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