In need of a change ..

by Evelyn
(New York)

Dear lord ..

I've come a long way now asking u for guidance & strength 😔🙏
I've done so much for this guy that i don't know when its enough, I don't know when to stop ! I don't know what I am doing anymore I feel like I'm losing my self little by tittle to someone who doesn't value me.. Out of everybody my lord u are the only one that have seem my struggles and my tears fall down and the urge I get 😞.. it's the worst feeling to love someone that doesn't love u in return.. Regardless our issues, deep down i love this person and what wouldn't I do for him but I have to stop and I have to do it for my self. Only a miracle from u my lord could make things change but I also recognize that things happen for a reason and ur dreams are bigger than mines.. Which I don't know which direction to go anymore, deep down I got hope for things to get better between me and him but than I have to be realistic if he never did nothing for the time we had together what makes me think things are going to be different now? Which it hurts me because I've share everything with this person And its hard to let go.. I just ask to open his eyes and let him see the damage he had done to me.. Let him change for me since he so confuse about his feelings for me, open his heart let him feel the love i have.. Make our complicate relationship be good for once give us a chance to make it better I know some how things could work out but we need a change to realize that.. Fill his heart with love for me same way mines is for him if not lord make me understand my purpose and help me walk away in peace..
Thank you lord for hearing my prayers, love you amen ...

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