Inspirational Prayer - "Father, You are Everywhere"

by Frances Salave'a Sefo
(Leone-Pago Pago, American Samoa)

His Word Is Our Protection N Shield!

His Word Is Our Protection N Shield!

Father, many say you live in us, then I hear others say, that you are in heaven...but you are everywhere dad...when I am at work and my children are at school, you are with me and them...and as you are with us, you are with my husband's awesome to know that you are with my family throughout every moment of the day, no matter where we may all be at. Yes, we are all at different locations during the day, but you are present with all of us at that same time...Thank you "Dad!" for giving us that confidence to know that we are all under your protection always...and that the same God who parted the Red Sea, is the same God who fed the multitudes at Galilee, is still the same God who watches over us today and always..we love you Abba-Father in Jesus Christ Almighty name!!!

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