Is it too late? Please pray for me.

I need to change my life and need the guidance of God. I am out of work right now but will be starting a job soon. I have let myself slip into a false happiness with drinking and doing drugs. I am so tired of this life style and wish to end living like this for good. I can't believe i have gone this long thinking this was the way to be. I just turned 50 in Oct. and want so much to start my life over sober. I have come to God many times in the past for help and i feel him in my presence but then once things seem to be ok i go right back to the living the same way.


Well this past weekend was a rude awakening for me i can no longer live this life style. I need to keep on the path to sobriety and with God i can. Please pray for me. I thank you and God Bless.

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