I've struggled with being my true self

Father., in Jesus name I am here. I have so much debt that I often feel like I can not breathe, I tremble when the bills pile on me, asu I wonder weather to beg for more money or suffer my poor choices under a seemingly unjust oppression. Praise be to God that the holy spirit sustains me in you for you. Thank for your mercy and grace your life I will honor and serve your wills.

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Dec 05, 2016
Facing the same
by: Maya

Hi I feel the same I even cannot sleep and don't feel like eating .... got financial problem... had a business but bcoz of it I was in deep dept ryt now... I even received so many legal concerned department

I'm completely in in depression now idont have even job and my company didn't pay me properly for the last 4 months I'm jobless I even try to ask money to some friends of mine.... but most of them also having their own family ... don't know how I will survive for more few days... today I received some mails for bills as well and due date immidiately feel like crying praying and asking for more courage that's why I'm here searching online and checking the same situation I have now and how they overcome of it

Nov 21, 2016
by: Tampa Florida

Prayers are with you !!
Jesus hears you !!

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