just need a new beginging

by tina

after 14 yrs in a relationship found out he is gay stayed with him for 3yrs after i found out for my kids.have 3 boys one is his.but one moved away to go to school the other one is 19 n does his own thing the 14yr old goes back n forth between us.I moved into my own apartment with my two boy in such a financial mess that i cant deal with the stress anymore.bill collectors call me every day. never know if i will be able to pay the bills.so depressed and i feel all alone.working as hard as i can to get caught up.im so tiered i just want to give up.I am one that loves to give to people but now i cant even give to my boys.I don't know what to do..I just need a new start i feel like im losing faith. I pray for help n the strength to get through all of this.

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