Just starting

by Gail
(Sunset Beach, NC )

Lord, i have been searching for to start a new business to start, and a friend invited to join Mary Kay, which she is doing well, i just want to know is this the right business for me, i enjoy the ladies, and the money not bad either, but i cant seem to get it together to go out, and work this the way it should be, I ask lord to give me moviation and the grace and wisdon i need, i became sick with phemonial a few weeks ago, and i couldnt work my night job, i have fallen behind in my rent and others bills and i am trying to find a day job as well, i applied for this job, but have not heard anything back, Lord i dont want to be homeless, i do trust you Lord, and i try not to worry and know that your in control, but i becoming worried and you are all i have to help me, Lord please open doors for me, and if i have done anyting to stop my blessing, i ask for your forgiviness and please help me find my way, Lord i am running out of options, please help me to succede and give me strength to do the things i need to do, my heart is heavy and i am burden, please work thur me to have a better life and to make the right decison i need to make, in the name of Jesus, Amen

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