Lift my spirit

by m

I pray that the lord can please help me to bring my spirit up to happiness. I have been so depressed lately over financial reasons. I'm horribly scared that there is no way to move beyond this. I can only work so many hours and make so much. There is no way possible for me to find a second job, my schedule/ hours changes week to week from 1st shift thru 3rd shift, not allowing me to plan for anything let alone find a second job...not to mention have a normal sleep schedule. I pray lord that I can find a different job that I can work normal hours morning until evening, and that I can make a little more money so that I can find a place to call home, that I will be able to feed myself, and that I can take care of my bills.


Lord, you have brung many many blessing into my life, so many. I am grateful. I still need some help, Lord I will always need you help.

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