Living paycheck to paycheck prayer

by June

Today I am close to broke. I owe money on my bills-my credit is very low. It seems whenever I try to create more money to assist with paying my bills I only get further behind. I have been off work now since my third rotator cuff surgery since February 2011. Was told I can't go back to my old job where I used to make alot of money by working ot. Not sure what my future holds. At times I feel there will never be enuf money to pay my bills being that I am a single parent and don't receive support. I pray EVERYDAY. I pray that God will talk to meso I will hear him as to what his will is for me. I struggle everyday.


I PRAY that soomehow I will come up with the money to cover my bills. I pray God will get me through this and I will have someone with whom to talk to physically. I hsve bern single for 9 months now after leaving my x-boyfriend I was living with who was/is an alcholic. It was a nightmare.

Please let me hear u O'Lord and send your angels to guide me to prosperity and finding true love. I pray for my daughter also she has been through alot and is so afraid of me getting hurt. I pray that she will overcome her fears of what this has all done to her. AMEN.

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