looking for a job that pay's high

by Katherine
(CDO, Philippines)

We are 9 siblings in our family.three of us are done studying. but i have a 3 young brothers that i really want to continue there study. but my parents can't afford to proceed them.for now i feel fear because i really want to help my parents in financially, but how can i help them if the salary as a nurse here in Philippines are below minimum which it is good for our food in our house.I have a dream that i can bring my family into a life that they are not always thinking where should they get a money for the next day. it's hard for me that i see my mothers crying at the corner,it makes my hearts squeeze,it's hurt that i see my mother crying that's why i always thinking hopefully i work abroad or other country so that i can help them cause it's hard for us to live if we sustain a low salary. but despite of this trials over how many years i know that GOD has a good plan from us not to hurt us but give us a good future.We are not forget God that he always there at our side.. He always protect us give us a good health and mind.


hopefully i look for a job that pays me high that i can afford sending my brothers to there schooling and helping my family. and also continue serving the God.

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