looking for a life long partner

Dear heavenly Father,


Ten years ago you sent someone to me, someone who loved and respected me as much as I did him. He was truly my soul mate in every way. Eight years ago he unexpectedly passed away and I thought at the time that no matter how devastated I was I still felt that the 2 short years we were together I was still fortunate to have spent the time we were given. I have taken several chances giving my heart to others in search of finding that same quality of love again, even marrying again and it has only lead to unhappiness and loneliness. My fervent prayer is that you will guide me in finding someone who is looking for the same thing. Someone who can give love and be loved in return. I will trust in you to send the right man as you know me better than I know myself and what my needs are.

In Jesus name I pray,

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Dec 05, 2014
God Bless You NEW
by: Anonymous

I pray unto Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that you once again find the love you once had. This world is a cruel and unfamiliar place, but always remember he who passed away is in Heaven with Jesus Christ right now singing and in utter peace. I truly do hope that you find a righteous Godly man, who loves you just as much as the one who passed away has. God loves you, and always remember that everything happens for a reason. You might have to go through a few duds to find the right one again. It's going to be hard, and no one will ever surpass the love you once had, but never give up faith in Jesus Christ. God knows exactly what you need when you need it. Don't go looking for love, focus on yourself and God, and love will just happen! God ALWAYS has your best interests in mind!

In Jesus Name I Pray

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