Lord, All glory is yours and your will be done

Lord, All glory is yours and your will be done. God, I have sinned and fallen short of what's required of me. I lack the courage to do the simplest thing and tell my wife that I go to church. I'm not strong enough to tell her because I feel that she will laugh and I don't know how to refute anything that she would say to me. I'm not fast enough or feel that I will win. I miss church week after week and go during the weekday because I know that I'll have no problem going. You ask that I go on Sunday, but I come up with a reason not to go. I'm sorry that I do this. Please help me figure out a way to make everything right with you. Because of this I'm not giving you the glory you deserve or showing my family all that you have given us. I let you down and I'm sorry. Please forgive my sins and let me continue to give all the glory to you. Amen

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