Lord bless me financially in a mega way

by Tayo
(Nigeria )

Lord I come to you this morning with a heavy heart . Please help my mom clear her debts. The bank is almost foreclosing on her houses . Lord bless my husband and I so we can buy our own house . God bless our businesss so it will be the most successful in the country . Lord my 7 single sisters please give them partners . The bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh. Lord restore peace and harmony to the family . Lord bless and protect each and every of our loved ones . I cover all of us with the blood of Jesus . My Inlaw's I cover them with the blood of Jesus . Please promote protect prosper my husband in a supernatural manner . Lord I want to literally win the jackpot . Lord give us favor connection and breakthrough in every area of our lives . Destroy those who want to destroy us . Let them see us prosper . Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

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