Lord, hear my prayers as my family was given 45 days to move

by Augustin Family
(New York)

I am praying so our Lord may hear my prayers as my family was given 45 days to move (by the end of August) from our home that we have lived at for the last 10 years. We are up to date never were late w/our rent We have 4 children to be concerned about & our oldest is going to be a Senior in HS and has gained some things this coming year that we would love for him to be able to complete and be able to focus by us being able to find something where he can still attend the same school.


My husband and I keep getting the same message from all the realtors we have gone either the place we are interested are gone or what the places are more then we can afford. Please pray that we are able to find a place for us to live ASAP so my children will have a stable place to live. I am so scared and nervous. I do believe in our beloved Jesus and I am not losing hope but my heart is so heavy with this situation and so I am asking for prayers please.

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