Lord Hear my Prayers I pray to you today to help me in these troubled times

by Hurting
(USA )

Lord Hear my Prayers

I pray to you today to help me in these troubled times. My husband has been unfaithful and abusive . For most of our marriage we have not got along .. Lord We need help , We need your hand to get us through these troubled times. I have been hurt so many times. Many injuries will last my lifetime.. God it has affected the children , They hate there dad...I can Not continue to live this way any longer . I love him.. But there is too much damage . I have asked him to leave. God I Pray you help me have the strength to get through these troubles times ahead. The many doctor visits , surgery ..Help my kids heal. Please Lord Keep the Angels among us. Lord I ask You put Jesus blood on all of my family members and at the entry ways .. Keep any evil out ... I ask one more thing Lord ; As I was sitting on the couch in the basement ( Were My husband sleeps ) A light white fog light image arose from his blanket , at the other end of the couch from were I was sitting ! Please Lord If That was something Evil ,Please God have it removed from my home. Please clean the home and property from any evil ... Please protect us God & Help Me and my family ..
In Jesus Name I pray Amen !

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