Lord, Help me heal from all the pain and sadness i am feeling right now

by Del

Dear Lord,

Help me heal from all the pain and sadness i am feeling right now. I have fight for my husbands love for years. I have gave all my life to him since we have met. I have my own mistake and shortcomings in our relationship, please forgive me for all of it. I never prayed everyday. Lord i only came to you now eagerly i am sorry. Please help me. Help me Lord to heal. Help me Lord to accept the things that happened. Help me Lord to fix myself. Lord i am praying for my husband, that he sees me again as a friend as a love as a wife. Lord please take away all his pain and take away all his anger in his heart. Take away all his doubt. No matter what happened i will still be here Lord waiting for your miracle. That he sees the good in me. That he no longer feels that i am an enemy. Lord i miss the feeling of being loved of being cared for. Lord God i miss my husband everyday in all that i do in all that i am. It has been very hard for me. Please help me to recover please help me clear my mind. Please Lord i know you have plans for me i accept it. Lord help me. Lord help me. I do nor know how long i do not know what will happen oh God please help please help me

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