Lord help me to get my Visa and passport

by Beth

Dear Jesus,


Saint Jude, all saint please be with me, I am very much importunate in need of help. I need better Life, need better future lord, I need love and kindness everything in this in your hand, but now I am asking your permission to give me this hope, I need so badly lord I need Dodie I need to go back in US for my future, and have better life lord please lord I will claim this for you, I'm sorry for being importunate, I was really desperate of having my passport and visa in my hand...Lord please I know you love me more than anything else.

I will try my very best to do better lord I love you..in Jesus name all Saints, Saint Jude help me Mama Mary Happy Birthday I know you love me the same... AMEN AMEN AMEN..

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