Lord, I come humbly before right now. I need YOUR favor and love

by S.A.S.
(Los Angeles, California)

Dear Lord,


I come humbly before right now. I need YOUR favor and love. I need your mercy and grace. My marriage is at risk of destruction based on past hurts and pain. Help me OH LORD to not GET OVER it, but to GET PAST it all.

I pray that YOU strengthen a walk with YOU for both Eric and I. Guide us in the direction of hope and faith and light with our marriage.

Remove things that are not of YOU from our path and help us to grow closer together in YOU.

Lord the pain in my heart and stomach from Eric leaving has me with sleepless nights and praying for a breakthrough. I love him and want my marriage to work.

I seek you, as I can't do this by myself. I am growing weary and I need YOUR divine power and intervention.

Please bind us in the vows that we took for our marriage and make us equally yoked and whole again.

I pray this in your Son Jesus' name. AMEN.

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