Lord, I come to you asking you to continue to lift me up

Prayer is very important in my life.


Lord, I come to you asking you to continue to lift me up. Lord, I have done everything right from the time that I was young and I continue to do things right up until this very day. Lord, I pray constantly.

Lord, I pray day and night for a permanent position. I have applied for many positions and I ask that you will bestow your special blessing down upon me to receive a permanent career position because I have worked so hard to achieve it. I am a really hard worker and I know that you know this Lord.

I am praying for a position in the Accounting and/or business field or a position that you feel would be best for me.

Lord, I also pray for my spouse that you keep him well and I pray for my son that you will continue to help him in his studies.

Please hear my prayer Lord because I want and need to work.
In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.

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