Lord I come to you on this day and every day asking for guidance

by Gloria

Lord I come to you on this day and every day asking for guidance of strong bond with me and my family. Please send down your heavenly angels to pull us closer together as we should be..as they cast stones against me..I send up prayer of forgiveness to you for them..because some times they no not what they say or there action do against others can do...


Please pull that bond and trust in us that was once lost and make it be a lift of faith and a blessing that you Farther My Lord...has put in Our hearts to do...and for those that have hate against me for all the wrong reason and made up lies about my ways...cast stones against them and feed them through your touch ..So that there life would find meaning.. And that there ways be strong...in Jesus name I Pray Amen!!!!?!?

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Jun 08, 2016
by: Tampa florida

Good morning
My prayers are with you and your family
Please go to church each Sunday
Let a family member know you are going each
Sunday invite him or her
No strings and leave it at that

Jun 07, 2016
Every day

Your relationship with God is all that you need in order to see your desires come to pass. If God is for you, then who can be against you? Your reflection of being a God-fearing person will be evident to others. Put on your spiritual armor every single day & prepare for what may come against you. Your strongest tools are your faith & prayer. Pray for those who love you & also for those that may not love you. The testing of your faith creates peserverance & preserverance allows you to withstand what comes against you. Hand over all or your concerns, worries, & your situations to God & be sure to leave them with Him. Do not get up after a heartfelt prayer & immediately be concerned with what you just prayed to God about. Know that God is wanting you to create the best of it because you know that He is the best at what He does! Take care and be blessed!

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