Lord I come to you with graditude and fear

by Ray E
(Chicago, IL USA)

Oh lord thank you for all your blessings.

Please forgive me for all my mistakes.

I have been injured at work and have unable to work for 2 months, my finances are in such poor condition that I fear I will not be able to pay my bills. I pray for your help in this moment of despair.

I thank you lord for all the abundance you have given to me in this lifetime, and I feel like a failure.

Please take away all my difficulties, that victory over them through my everlasting faith in you I may help the next suffering human to overcome their struggles with everlasting faith in you ... my God, my Lord, my Father.

I love You, I thank You and I beg your forgiveness.

In Jesus name I pray this of you...if it be you will please let it be.


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