Lord. I have been deceived and betrayed by people I trust

by AS

Lord. I have been deceived and betrayed by people I trust and I have suffered the consequence of a large ego and pride. Please Lord I have been humbled and I'm trying to find my way. Please intervene and provide me with the help that I need to keep me and my family safe and healthy, and keep the promises that I've made to my debtors. I will continue to seek your guidance and will try to bring you glory in all that I do from this moment forward.


I will not seek revenge or justice that is for your to render. I will only seek what is lawful and what you would want me to pursue not out of spite or anger. Keep my heart at peace and my pride and ego in check and my lips from muttering negative and mean spirited words. Help me Lord. I've never needed you to intervene more than I do now. I have so many people depending on me who cannot provide for themselves and helpless creatures too.

Lord I need you now. I'm in despair and I'm hopeless. You are my only hope.

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