Lord I need help to pay my debts today

by Emmanuel

Father, I know I have committed mistakes. Forgive me father, I never had ill intentions, please help me get out of the mess I am. I need your help and grace and I cannot do without it. Help me so that I can put my heart and soul to the cause you want me to be in. You know I am good at heart and I have nothing against anyone, if I do have subconsciously, help me forgive that person.

Father, Please help me get out out of my debts, flourish my business Lord, so that I can put more hours in your work.

Father, I cannot do without your grace. Thy Grace is all I need.

In Jesus' Name I pray, give me more than my mind can conceive.


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Oct 29, 2011
Your prayer touched my heart
by: Nicia

Our Lord God is Grace, Love, has Mercy, a healer and most of all a Forgiving God. God had forgiven you for your mistakes right before you prayed to him about it for he already knew you was coming to him connecting in spirit and truth. My friend in Christ I know the Lord hears you and I pray he pour you out many many blessings and I trust in him that he will provide you with all your needs and fix your financial debt at his Will and Time, he will provide you the direction in making your business bloom. Dont worry for what the economy says about our Country, all things belong to the Lord so what man wont and cant do the Lord is power and he will do all that we ask in his name. May God Bless You

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