Lord I need Your Divine Intervention To Heal my Dreaded Diseaes .

by John
(Melbourne Victoria Australia)

My Lord and Master Jesus Christ ,

I have become frustrated , confused and despairing . I URGENTLY need 2 healing miracles for myself . As You are aware 4 years ago , 4 months and 11
days since my 2nd .Stroke on 2nd.May 2013 , there has virtually been no
improvement 7n my health to date . I pray that SOON I can basically walk
again and function normally as a person . I have been paralysed on my left
upper and lower limbs , confined to a manual wheelchair and home . I am
desperate to recover my health again . I also have incontinent issues which
have tormented me since this stroke . Please heal this embarrassing stigma
as it restricts my body . I pray for Your Help , Mercy and Love to be healthy
once more . Forgive me all my trespasses and flaws .
Your Humble and Sincere Servant ,

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