Lord, I'm coming to you today to ask you to put your love


I'm coming to you today to ask you to put your love into those that are sick with sinful thoughts, I also ask lord that you guide them in the healing process not only for their personal health, but for the ones that suffer with them. Lord continue to bring peace to the violence and make them see that we are put on this earth for a reason lord, if its to cleanse the human bodies, to bring attention to the wrong doings, or simply to open the sinners eyes. Let us all come together, love each other, encourage each other, and don't pass judgement on the neighbor for you don't know what he/she is going through. I want to give thanks and love to everyone, I know our sinful ways over the years has grew tremendously, and we have continued to find more unclean and unhealthy ways to be sinners. But Lord I know you love us and died on that cross for these sins, please never leave us. Amen

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