Lord Jesus Christ , Help me atone , I have been a fool to myself , to You and to others .

by John
(Melbourne Victoria Australia)

O Lord Jesus Christ ,

I need Your HELP and ENCOURAGEMENT to overcome my many flaws ,faults and sins against You and Mankind . I feel that I have let You down by my POOR ATTITUDE and POOR RESPONSIBILITY . I pray that You pardon my sins and lack of maturity . I have had numerous opportunities to improve my life's direction both spiritually and bodily but I have failed to grasp My Faith . I want to turnaround my life for goodness sake . I detest and reject Satan and all his evil works . I pray for a miracle healing for my illness after suffering my second stroke and incontinent issues of the same duration . I have been a FOOL to myself , to You Lord and to others . Please help me become a better christian with Your Love .
Please listen to my prayer of Hope ,

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