Lord please help me with my SSI Application

by ???
(Detroit mich)

Dear Lord I am in need of your Help, I Applied for SSI and I need a Money blessing. Me and my Daughter only Live off of 200 every2weeks and as soon as I get it, it's fined. God I am the type of person when I have money I give it even if it's my last, but I hate to beg or Borrow money from anybody, cause when u ask they always have saying negative stuff or complaining. I stay depressed thinking about my daughter needs and I, and her birthday is next month and I don't know how to make it thru! God please bless me and my Daughter in every way cause we really need Help. It's odd how a person can act so rude and wrong towards you and don't wanna let you get nothing. Even if it's my last I still give it.

I just wish are prayers can
e answered god, I hate not having no money and my daughter say mom can you buy me some shoes or clothes and I feel bad knowing I can't answer her question and I won't lie to her so please god help us in Jesus name Amen

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